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Standing Seam Roof Services in Toronto


What do you look for in a quality roofing system? If you are the type that prefers energy efficient, superior strength, extreme weather-resistant, and wind-resistant roofing, a standing seam metal roofing system is the solution you have been looking for.

It doesn't make economic sense to keep installing roofing systems on your house that you have to replace every decade. Why not just go with something more durable and shelve all your roofing worries for a lifetime?

A standing seam metal roof is not only a low-maintenance roofing system but also crafted with a weather-tight design to withstand even the roughest hail storm.

What is standing seam metal roof installation?


The roofing system consists of a series of standing seam panels that are interlocked or mechanically seamed. The standing seams also known as ribs are placed several inches apart based on the size of the metal panel. The standing seam panels are then fastened underneath the ribs to accommodate expansion and contraction movements.


An outstanding feature of this roofing system is the elevated interlocking seam that links panels. Made from metal, this roofing system provides great protection and durability. It is completely weatherproof and extremely lightweight making installation easy and incurring minimal structural costs.

What are the key components of an effective standing seam metal roofing installation?


For a full installation of standing seam roofing panels, the basic components, such as the underlayment and the roofing deck, have to be factored in. Other components specific to the standing seam roofing system are:


  • Lock strips that hold in place the standing seam panels attached to the roof edges

  • Coated metal panels of different sizes, colors, and designs

  • Clips used to fasten the metal panels to the roof decks

  • Ridge capping to connect the roofing slopes

When installing a standing seam roofing system, select the profile that is best suited for your house based on your environment and the type of weather conditions you experience. Ensure the standing seam panels you choose can withstand extreme weather, rust, and scratches to keep maintenance on the low and safety on the high.


The standing seam panels must also be seamlessly profiled to minimize the chances of a disjointed roof slope that may result in leakages. Find out the cutting equipment used to shape the metal panels. Is it a top-grade one?


Lastly, the standing seam metal roof installation must be carried out by a reputable roofing expert that prioritizes safety over profit. Check their experience of working with heights, certification, and other quality assurance credentials.

Are there different kinds of standing seam metal roofing systems?

Yes, there are. The three major standing seam roof profiles include the Nail Strip, Standing Seam, and Snap Lock.


Standing seam profiles come in form of mechanical lock profiles. That means the panels are mechanically seamed and roll-formed in uniform edges to align with each other perfectly. When both panels are applied, a mechanical seamer or hand is used in bending the edges and locking the panels together. They are ideal for providing extra weather tightness in milder environments.


Snap lock profiles have been roll-formed in certain specific edges and come with male and female legs that easily snap together without needing any hand or mechanical intervention during installation. They are fastened underneath the panel with clips attached to the seam. With the right installation, they can be used in any environment.


Unlike Snap lock profiles, Nail strip profiles do not use clips to link the panel to the roof deck. They are directly fastened to the roof deck using the male leg after which the female leg snaps over it hiding the fastener head. They are relatively cheap profiles and popular with residential applications.

The benefits of standing seam metal roofing


For the best roofing solutions, metal is considered one of the most durable, strongest, and cost-effective roofing products. Metal roofing systems have an average lifespan of between 40 and 70 years and can withstand the harshest elements. Therefore, they provide a lifetime value for money.


As one of the best profiles of metal roofs, a standing seam metal roofing system assures users the benefits below.



  • Comes in multiple fade-resistant colors

  • Hidden fasteners for a perfect and customized look

  • Low maintenance roofing-no rotting, cracking, or rusting

  • Streak and stain-resistant

  • No cleaning needed



  • Fire-resistant and covers the house from flying embers triggered by chimneys or wildfires

  • Perfect snap lock linkage between panels



  • Great heat reflection from the sun and therefore good at shedding ice and snow

  • Zero water absorbency preventing waterlogging

  • Doesn't rot or permit insect infestation



  • Coated with a reflective pigment to redirect excessive heat, keeps the house cool, and helps reduce energy costs

  • Made from recycled post-consumer aluminum and therefore eco-friendly

  • Can be installed over existing roofs reducing waste disposal

Why hire True North Metal for your standing seam metal roofing installation?


Our experience in metal roofing installation spans many years. The workmanship we inject into your roofing installation is focused on affording you the best return on investment. To provide you with great value for your money, we invest much of our resources in acquiring the highest-quality roofing products.


Our strategic partnerships with the top-rated steel manufacturers span across Europe, which prove the lengths we are willing to go to provide you with the finest roofing solutions.


We are based in Toronto and presently one of the most influential and top-ranking metal roofing installers in North America.


Ready for that new standing seam metal roof? Get in touch with us today to get a quick estimate!

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