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Commercial/Industrial Roofing in Toronto

True North Metal is your roofing company in Toronto, where we specialize in any commercial and industrial roofing project. Our commercial roofing services include roof inspection, roofing installation, maintenance, repair or roof replacements. Our goal is to provide roofing systems with a long-term roof life and the best warranty under the quickly changing weather conditions here in Toronto.

Commercial and industrial roofing encompasses a greater responsibility than residential roofing requirements. In addition to the massive area that must be covered, we specialize in the commercial roofing Toronto building codes and safety standards demand.

What is Commercial and Industrial Roofing?


Commercial roofing is typically comprised of materials that span a greater surface than residential roofing. They are usually flat roof systems that make the most of energy-conserving materials. Without the slope, these materials must be weather resistant and must be properly sealed to prevent any water from penetrating this barrier.


Both residential and commercial roofing systems require the same building and quality control principles. The main difference with industrial roofing repair services is that they are more economical than residential roofing systems. Given the area to cover, there are different materials that are more favorable for the types of commercial roofing systems.

What are the Different Types of Commercial Roofing Materials


At True North Metal, we are your commercial roofing experts. We take on the different types of commercial roofing projects from metal roofing to a variety of flat roofing projects including:


  • EPDM – also known as Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. That is quite a mouthful for the Nobel Prize-Winning rubber that was invented in 1963. In addition to its reputation as pond and water tank liners, EPDM has really come into its own in the low-pitched or flat roofing sector due to its strength, resistance to weathering and consistent thickness applied across the expanse of these large roofing systems.

  • PVC – commonly called Polyvinyl Chloride, is another popularly used single-ply industrial roofing system. It is known for being eco-friendly and lightweight with high flame resistance. This commercial roofing material keeps the building cool while keeping the energy costs down.

  • MBR – also referred to as Modified Bitumen or mob bits consists of an asphalt-based rolled roofing material for low-slope buildings and flat roof structures. Another roofing surface that has been in use since the mid-seventies, MBR provides five layers of protection as one of the most trusted flat roofing systems in industrial roofing to date.


True North Metal has a team of professional roofing contractors that commercial roofing Toronto residents reach out to for review and inspection. Let us help you determine the best products and roofing systems that will best suit your business.

Commercial and Industrial Roof Installation

Most industrial roofing systems have an expected lifespan of at least 30 years when properly installed and adequately maintained. There is more incentive to contract commercial roofing services for routine maintenance, as it means less extensive roofing repair services and the long-term expectation of roof life. With most of today’s flat roof materials, you can depend on anywhere from 30 to 50 years of reliable lifespan if you are diligent with your maintenance program.


True North Metal not only provides roofing experts that know how to properly install the different types of commercial roofing systems with all the components of vapour barriers, thermal insulation and accessories such as gravel guards, drainage and pipe installations. We also offer routine maintenance to prevent early roof replacements. Together, we can help you achieve the economic roofing systems that fulfill your expectations under the regular torment of the high winds, hail, downpours and heavy snowfalls in our Toronto weather.


Commercial and Industrial Roof Repairs


Despite the expected commercial roofing system lifespan, studies have shown that the average life expectancy of a low-slope or flat roof is 17 years at best. While building owners tend to depend upon long-term warranties as a form of protection, the reality is that manufacturer warranties are held harmless if not deemed void when it can be proven that no routine maintenance was conducted. The expense of a routine maintenance program along with roof inspections is nominal, whereas the cost of roofing repair services or emergency roofing repairs can end up being counterproductive.


Roofing systems or insulation can wear down where there is deck damage. You need not wait until incidental issues produce obvious problems. Why pay more for waiting or avoid advance awareness of the potential problems? Your commercial roofing system is protecting a great deal more than the cost of flat roof repairs alone. It is better to know when your industrial roofing requires roofing repair services so that our qualified and professionally trained roofing experts can produce high-quality flat roof repairs that completely fulfill your customer satisfaction.


At True North Metal, our roof experts are ready to provide you with complete commercial and industrial roofing services to meet your needs. We are dedicated to bringing you the ultimate in customer service, providing the highest quality workmanship using the best materials available.


Servicing the greater Toronto area, our aim is to provide the commercial roofing Toronto residents expect and demand. We encourage you to reach out to our roofing experts, who can answer all your questions about the roofing service you require or the roofing project you have. We are eager to help you take your commercial and industrial roofing system to the next level.

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