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Metal Tiles Roofing Installations in Toronto

Over the last couple of decades, both quality and reliability of asphalt shingles has diminished. For example, the typical lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof ranges from 7 to 12 years, with an increase in service calls due to its poor wind resistance. Consequently, many homeowners started looking for a better alternative.

Have you heard about metal roofing ? It is nowadays one of the greatest options for anyone looking to upgrade the roof of their residential or commercial property.

What is metal tile roofing?


Metal roofing consists in interlocking high quality steel sheets. As prices of metal roofs dropped over the past decade, metal tile roofing gained immense popularity among homeowners due to its prolonged lifespan, low maintenance and affordability. Metal tile roofing became the staple roofing product of Central Europe and Scandinavia for decades, and is now gaining considerable market share in North America. Furthermore, metal tiles ooze this very sought-after, contemporary flair thanks to their clean design and shiny aesthetics.


What are the key components to an effective metal roofing installation?

  • First of all, the steel sheets must be top quality since the tiles must be able to resist the strongest wind and potential scratches and rust.

  • Then, the tiles must be perfectly profiled to avoid any disjointedness on the roof slope. In order to so, the tiles must be cut with a very efficient equipment.

  • Last but not least, the installation has to be executed very cautiously by highly qualified professionals who are used to working at heights

Are there different kinds of metal roofing?


There are two main types of metal roof tiles : straight rib panels and profiled tile panels.

Straight rib panels are mostly used for agricultural or industrial constructions since they are designed to resist extreme weather conditions.

With their Mediterranean look and bright colors, profiled tile panels are favored for residential houses.

Both metal roof tiles are made of the same metal and are screwed to the lumber in the same way.


The Benefits of Metal Tile Roofing

Metal roofing is currently one of the most popular roofing solutions and the market is booming..

  • Metal roof tiles are relatively cost-effective, especially with regards to the unique qualities they bring.

  • Metal is a a lightweight material, which is especially important if the construction is not very strong. No further covering treatments are required.

  • Metal roofing installations look amazing ! Their designs are fresh and cutting-edge. The pictures of our finished projects speak for themselves.

  • Metal is in an exceptionally interesting material as such since it can adapt to any weather conditions.

  • Metal tiles are impervious to insect infestation and rot.

  • Metal tiles can't be easily damaged or bent. They are quick to replace if needed, which allows the roof to remain in top condition at all times.

Why Trust True North Metal for your roofing installation?


At True North Metal, we specialize in metal roofing installations. Our mission is to provide our clients with top quality service and workmanship, which is impossible without using top quality products.

To achieve this, True North Metal has established business partnerships with several reputable European steel manufacturer suppliers. As a result, we can import top quality European steel from Germany, Sweden, Austria and deliver top notch installation with the best quality product.

We are located in Toronto and are currently one of the top serving metal roofing companies in North America.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us for any questions. We will be more than happy to help you take a great leap forward and have your brand new metal roofing installed!


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