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Siding Installations in Toronto

Siding material can enhance the beauty of any building. More than that, siding installation along with the roof provides the first line of defense against sun, rain, snow, heat and cold. With the right type of siding, you can create stability and a comfortable interior environment for all occupants within the buildings.

What is Siding?


Siding, or wall cladding, is the protective wooden, plastic or metal covering material attached to a building’s exterior. Siding generally consists of overlapping shingles, panels or boards.


With the wide variety of materials used for siding Toronto residents can achieve a desired aesthetic to protect home or business, both inside and out.

What are the Benefits of Siding?


As a highly recommended siding company, we at True North Metal understand the structural aspects that impact the integrity of the building envelope. Protection from the elements is only as good as the construction of a building’s exterior. Among the valued siding contractors, we make sure your siding project includes every aspect of protection including weatherproofing, pest resistance and proper insulation to help alleviate utility costs and provide a comfortable and cozy indoor atmosphere.


With each different type of siding Toronto homeowners achieve the style and appearance that suits their preferences. Between the materials and the wide variety of colours and shapes available, our clients in the greater Toronto area have complemented all manner of home styles whether it is Neoclassical, Colonial, Victorian, American Craftsman, Modern or Post-Modern.

What are The Different Types of Siding Available?


Vinyl Siding


Vinyl, made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other ingredients, is both a durable and flexible exterior wrapping for your home. It comes in a wide variety of colors precluding the need for routine house painting. This material offers exceptional weatherproofing as it is resistant to moisture, so it won’t warp or rot, and it is not susceptible to termite infestation. It is easy to maintain with an occasional power wash to rinse away dirt and debris. It can be installed with contoured insulation to keep your indoor atmosphere cozy and help save on the utility bill without sacrificing the aesthetic curb appeal you desire.


Metal Siding


Modernize your home or business with low-maintenance, highly durable and very stylish metal panels. You have endless colors and finishes from which to choose with options on profiles that best suit your design preference. Metal resists pests and UV rays as well as the weather ensuring safety for your interior comfort. Tough metal stands the test of time and protects your home from the typical damage that can otherwise affect your home’s exterior siding. You may even realize energy savings with metal siding material.


Aluminum Siding


Produced from aluminum coil stock, aluminum siding planks are chemically coated to protect the metal, which is then painted for the aesthetic you are looking for. Durability is baked in, and some manufacturers add enamel for textural effects. Available in varying thicknesses, it can be applied either vertically or horizontally expanding your creative design possibilities. Immune to most common exterior issues, aluminum siding is resistant to pests, water and fire and offers durability in extreme cold. It is one of the lightest weight siding products and is easy to install.


Wood Siding


Wood siding remains one of the more popular choices because of its natural beauty. Wood offers a natural insulation value, and it is simple to install. You have the choice of either painting or staining for your preferred appearance. The manner of layering the planks is what prevents the water from penetrating the exterior.


Engineered Wood Siding


Engineered wood siding is an impressive alternative to traditional wood siding materials. Engineered to eliminate flaws and resist deterioration, it is also cost-effective. Comprised of wood chips bound by resin and compressed into boards, they are coated with a special moisture-resistant overlay. This outer layer is then embossed with a wood grain pattern for an authentic appearance. There is a final step in the processing that improves resistance to fungal decay or other infestation.


Fiber Cement Siding


This exterior cladding for both residential and commercial buildings is made from cement and cellulose fibers. It can either be pre-painted or pre-stained and later may be painted any colour you desire. Installation requires at least two people due to the heavy weight of the siding product. Special equipment is required for installation. As a non-combustible material, it is an excellent choice for areas subject to wildfires.

Why Choose True North Metal for Siding Services & Installations?

At True North Metal, we provide siding installations. We are on a mission to provide our top-notch customer service and high-quality workmanship utilizing the best materials available on the market.


We are in the greater Toronto area installing siding Toronto residents are proud to own. We encourage you to reach out to our customer service specialists with any questions you have about your siding project. We are eager to help you take your home or commercial business to the next level to boost your curb appeal by having your new siding installed!

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